Pentagon Insider: 7 things every American should own

rickards12Recent news out of Washington, D.C. has financial analysts worried about U.S. seniors and retirees…

More specifically, a Pentagon insider named Jim Rickards has identified a critical flaw in America’s economic system.

Mr. Rickards is an advisor to the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, which oversees the CIA, the NSA, and 14 other U.S. intelligence agencies.

He’s a true Washington insider and economic expert. That’s why he:

* Was selected to help the CIA investigate the stock market “tells” that preceded 9/11, when al-Qaeda associates bet against airline stocks before the attacks.

* And why he helped with the hostage negotiations with Iran.

In short, Jim Rickards sees big changes ahead for the United States.

He says we’ll soon see not only a stock collapse, but a complete collapse of the international monetary system.

But as he says—it’s not the end of the world. You just have to know how to prepare.

Mr. Rickards says there are 7 assets every American should make sure they own, right away.

To explain exactly what’s happening in our country, Rickards wrote a one-of-a-kind “playbook” for this collapse. In it, he lays out what’s really going on, all the warning signs for the approaching currency collapse — and how most Americans absolutely must prepare.

This is especially important for Seniors dependent on retirement savings.

Everyone in my office is talking about Jim Rickards new book, which explains everything you need to know.

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