Angel Moms: ‘Build That Wall!’

Americans who lost loved ones to illegal alien crime cheered President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration, telling Breitbart News they hope he begins construction of the U.S.-Mexico border wall quickly.

“It’s incredible,” said one woman whose brother was killed by an illegal alien. “It’s unreal. I’m so happy, so happy, and excited and can’t wait for him to become our president tomorrow.”

Asked by Breitbart News’ Washington political editor Matt Boyle what she wants to see done on Day One of Trump’s presidency, she said: “Build that wall! Build that wall, stop illegal immigration. Keep American families from being killed by illegal immigrants.”

Dan Golvach, whose son, Spencer, was killed by a previously-deported illegal alien, told Trump to stick to his guns.

“Keep being yourself,” Golvach said. “No other candidates that were in this race reached out to us. He did. He treated us like family. He knows us by name.”

“We’ve all seen him when the cameras aren’t on,” he continued. “And he’s sincere. He’s a great man. Full of energy. And I think that if anybody can turn this country around, the way it needs to be, it’s Donald Trump.”


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