Are You a Closet Racist? The Washington Post Has “Evidence” That Proves You Are

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Liberals, whether black or white, are always trying to build a case that whites are racist.

Never mind the fact that any race can have racist tendencies.

It’s only whites they’re concerned with.

The Washington Post decided they would prove that neary all whites are racist.

As Young Cons write:

In a recent article at the Washington Post, Chris Mooney writes that white Americans across the United States suffer form “unconscious racial bias” against blacks and “most don’t realize” they’re racist. “This has been established through lots of research,” he writes.

No, they’re not joking.

Mooney cites “Project Implicit,” which surveyed 1.5 million volunteers with the “Implicit Association Test (IAT).” This test is able to detect “subtle or unconscious racial preferences.” Again, not a joke.

Then they found a psychologist at Lehigh University to go along with the results, saying: “Unconscious racial bias is higher in U.S. states in which there is a higher ratio of black citizens to white citizens — or in other words, in which there are relatively more black people for every white person.”

And finally, they used this “research” to put together a map showing you which states are more unconsciously racist than others:

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How insane is that?

What makes them think that whites are always racist?

Why aren’t others deemed racist as well?