Atheists Might Convert In Droves After They See What Was Found In Israel

Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 8.50.18 PMUnlike agnostics, who say they’re not Christians because they’re just not sure about the whole believing in God thing, Atheists refuse to believe because of a lack of proof.

It’s this absence of proof which drives them to persecute people who have professed a belief in God.

This is a bit ironic considering there’s actually loads of proof to prove the existence of Christ (physical evidence) as well as millions of personal testimonies, but it is what it is.

However, after what archaeologists have found in Jesus’s homeland there might be a massive conversion taking place.

CT writes:

While extra proof of Jesus’ existence isn’t necessary to validate the deity of God or the nature of Christianity, archaeological discoveries always add more to the historicity of the Bible.

According to the Christian Post, Robert Hutchinson, a scholar who has spent years in Israel studying the New Testament, highlights in his “Searching for Jesus” various archaeological finds and research from the past few years to combat those who disregard Jesus’ existence entirely.

Some of those finds? The tomb of Jesus’ brother, James, which was found in 2002, and the ossuary of Caiaphas, which was discovered in 1990.

New Testament scholars have said that both tombs are historically valid, although skeptics still remain. Hutchinson said that the corroboration between the accuracy of the Bible and the unearthed tombs go hand in hand.

Jesus's brother's tomb and Caiaphas' ossuary

“There were incredible discoveries that were being made in New Testament studies that were just revolutionary,” Hutchinson said.

“I found that nobody was talking about this in the media. They were still repeating theories about Jesus and the gospels that are a century old — the idea that Jesus was a deluded fanatic, an apocalyptic prophet who thought the world was going to end in his lifetime.”

Many people, including many Muslims, describe Jesus as a “good man.” However, that definition doesn’t fall in line with what he actually said about himself, as recorded in John 14:6 — “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”

By His own words, one must come to the conclusion that Jesus is Lord, because that’s who he claims to be; that he’s a liar, because he certainly claimed to be Lord; or he’s a lunatic, which is what many of the Pharisees thought of him at the time.

But “good man” isn’t a logical option.


As stated above, there’s a preponderance of evidence out there to help convince any atheist into belief.

Perhaps you’ve heard of the book, A Case For Christ.

Written by Lee Strobel, it details how Strobel, an Atheist as well as a graduate of Yale Law School begins to look at all the evidence and eventually becomes a Christian on account of the veracity of Biblical text.

In much the same way as Strobel converted, many more Atheists might too if they’re given this kind of information.

Share it everywhere you can if you believe this could change someone’s life.