Bannon: ‘America Was Built on Her Citizens’

Breitbart News Executive Chairman Steve Bannon laid out his stance on immigration in an exchange with Charlie Rose on CBS’s 60 Minutes Sunday evening, saying that American citizens were the ones who built this country from its founding.

Bannon said that we have to “focus on American citizens” when Rose criticized Bannon’s position on immigration, saying that he seems to want to put an end to it.

“You seem to want to turn it around and stop it,” Rose claimed.

“You couldn’t be more dead wrong,” Bannon said. “America was built on her citizens.”

“We’re all immigrants,” Rose countered.

“America was built on her…,” Bannon began to say before Rose interrupted.

“Except the Native Americans who were here,” Rose interjected.

Bannon gathered his thoughts before he clarified his statement.

“This is the thing of the leftists. Charlie, that’s beneath you. America’s built on our sys– on our citizens,” he said.

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