Bernie Sanders Incites Fear Over Trump’s Use Of Military

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) encouraged Americans to worry about President Trump’s use of the military at the U.S.-Mexico border because he claimed Trump had “strong authoritarian tendencies.”

Sanders stated, “I’ll tell you this, I have given the nature of this president who I think has strong authoritarian tendencies, who seems to like people like Mr. Putin and the crown prince of Saudi Arabia and the leader of North Korea. I worry about very much about for the first time using the military in that way in this country. So I think that is a very legitimate concern. But bottom line is we need serious, comprehensive immigration reform.”

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  1. Robert Augeri says:

    I think what the president is doing is totally American and he has my values, I wonder if all of these people like Bernie Sanders would leave their house open at night of for that matter even in the day if they lived in certain areas where M-13 was in there area. Would banks leave their vaults open to anyone coming in there doors. What is wrong with people like Bernie Sanders, I truly think he is snorting Viagra. Bernie Sanders is a selfish person just like most who are Socialist, they see a silver lining, all potential voters. These illegal would spread disease to Americans and I wonder if Bernie would like to harbor these illegals in his state if he was near the border.

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