Black Chicagoans Pull Epic Conservative Move

Black women in Chicago are coming to the realization that the best defense is a good offense.

Despite Democrat leadership in the crime-ridden city imploring citizens to let law enforcement handle the exploding crime, residents — primarily black women — are thinking for themselves and buying guns for self defense.

The Chicago Tribune reported that nearly 1,400 black women in Illinois have received concealed carry permits in 2017. That number has gone up since last year and is almost twice the 800 who did so in 2014. More than 4,000 black women currently have a concealed carry permit in Cook County alone, where Chicago is located.

Chicago’s violent crime totals are some of the highest in the nation, while the city’s gun control laws are some of the strictest in the country. The city’s gun control laws seem to have left many law-abiding residents in the city feeling helpless, and now they are starting to do something about it.

People who once were afraid of having a gun in the house are now understanding the value of self-defense in a city where crime has taken over.


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