Black Lives Matter Activists Demand Reparations – Here Are Their Demands (Sound Familiar?)

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 4.06.38 PMThe Black Lives Matter movement finally released a policy platform and it’s every bit as crazy as you guessed it would be. They even demand that reparations be paid to the descendants of former slaves in the new platform. It looks like Bernie Sanders joined with Karl Marx to write the reparations section of the platform. These are their 5 demands: (from, paraphrased by me)

  1. Free education for life (includes college)
  2. Universal basic income (Blacks would be paid even if they don’t work, income would not be means tested)
  3. Corporate and government reparations (this is presumably a cash payment, but no details are given)
  4. Changes to school curriculum and funding to preserve black historical/cultural sites
  5. A government commission to study reparations

Wowza! Demands this ridiculous can never be met so their movement will probably be a never ending one. It gets even crazier.

The Blaze reports that BLM wants everyone convicted of drug offenses, sex work related offenses, and youth offenses released from prison or jail immediately. It’s not clear if just black people convicted of these crimes should be released or if it applies to everyone.

The platform continues with lots of progressive ideas not directly related to BLM including the repeal of Citizens United,  LGBT studies, and even net neutrality. Mixed in with it all, are a few practical ideas, such as, giving local government more power to hire and fire local officials. Of course, reforming the unions who make it nearly impossible to fire bad cops and teachers isn’t mentioned in the platform. In fact, BLM actually seeks to eliminate private schools!