Bush Slams Trump: ‘I Don’t Like The Racism’

Former President George W. Bush is turning up the heat on President Donald Trump.

Bush dissed Trump in an interview with People magazine published Monday, hours after he threw shade on the commander in chief’s policies on NBC’s “Today” show.

“I don’t like the racism and I don’t like the name-calling and I don’t like the people feeling alienated,” the 70-year-old told the magazine. “Nobody likes that.”

Though Trump has repeatedly claimed he’s the “least racist person,” many argue his actions say otherwise. Before his political career, the Justice Department had twice sued a Trump company in the 1970s for not renting to black people. In recent years, he was the driving force behind the birther movement, the conspiracy theory that former President Barack Obama wasn’t born in the U.S. He also kicked off his 2016 presidential campaign by referring to Mexican immigrants as “rapists.”

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source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/george-w-bush-slams-donald-trump-racism_us_58b565fbe4b060480e0bb3d3


  1. Chandler says:

    Nothing more than another attempt to discredit the President of the United States of America NOT SO UNITED and over run by WORLD ILLEGAL ALIENS. DISGUSTING AT BEST AND TREASON MORE LIKELY.

  2. Texas Belle says:

    George W, I voted for you but now you are becoming just another pundit trying to destroy the current President. Where were you during the last 8 years when we had the worst President in history? Couldn’t bring yourself to criticize because you would be called a racist? Trump is trying to restore the United States to what it once was: “a shining city on a hill” after it was destroyed by Obama. He is not the usual politician who tries to be all things to all people all of the time; he sees what needs to be done and is taking charge in getting it done.

  3. EMIRCITNA says:

    THE BUSH’S are GLOBALISTS to the core; old man, H.W. Bush was the first to openly talk about “a New World Order with a thousand points of light” during prime time TV back when he was President; how many remember THAT speech from the oval office?!
    The Bush’s fear Trump because he is NOT part of the ‘protective good-old-boy establishment’ thus COULD have his REAL U.S. Attorney General open a REAL investigation into the 9-11 World Trade Center attack that would EXPOSE the ‘DOMESTIC ENEMIES’ that caused it for the purpose of advancing their NWO goal!!!!

  4. DonRS says:

    And I’m so sad that the President I was fooled enough to vote for TWICE proved to be such an incredible PUSSY that it has now been proved, while a really nice guy, HAD NO IDEA WHAT HE WAS DOING!

  5. DonRS says:

    My only excuse is, he was the lesser of the available EVILS!

  6. loretta says:

    He was very slient for 8 years of Obama and now he has come to life only to criticize. Pres. Bush go home and stay quiet. We don’t need you now/

  7. stephanie wilson says:

    totally misleading. bush was not calling trump a racist. he was talking about racism in general! stop lying about pres bush!

  8. WHERE WERE YOU ” W ” WHEN OBAMA WAS PLAYING THE RACE CARD ?? DIDN’T HEAR A PEEP OUT OF YOU>>>Wish I could take my two votes back !!!

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