California School Creates New Position to Deal With Illegals

Screen Shot 2014-08-16 at 3.55.19 PMThe situation with illegal immigrants has become so burdensome, that one California school district has needed to hire a consultant who will help to transition unaccompanied illegals into the school.

According to USA Today:

Oakland Unified School District posted a job opening this month for a “support services consultant” to help unaccompanied immigrant students find legal help, as well as counseling, health and educational services.

These students need extra assistance finding services because they don’t have refugee status that would give them access to a social worker, food stamps or Medi-Cal, the state’s Medicaid program, said Carmelita Reyes, principal at Oakland International High School.

“In the same way there are school specialists who deal with foster youth or refugees, we need a specialist who tracks these kids.”

That’s right, taxpayer dollars are now being spent tracking kids, holding their hand through the difficult years of public school life and helping them find access to welfare they didn’t earn… at all.

And that’s the issue at stake here.

America is a welfare state with borders as porous as a chain link fence.

The burden the influx of unaccompanied illegals is placing on the economic system is staggering.

It’s estimated that nearly 290,000 illegals have made it into the country since the beginning of the year.

At what cost?

Unfortunately, the government doesn’t yet have the ability to quantify the cost, but the damage done to our sovereign nation is staggering.

Not too long ago, 30,000 illegals were released from prison, many of them violent criminals.

Then there are the numerous reports of known gang members, convicted felons, and terrorist agents sneaking over without repercussion.

Not to mention the fact that numerous illegals use government services for free, which hits your pocketbook… not theirs.

And now, states like California are adding an additional cost by hiring consultants, of all things, to “help” with the situation.

The strain on the economy is great, very great, and we’re fast approaching a breaking point which will throw the whole country into turmoil.

Prepare now because there isn’t much time left.

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