Progressive Politicians Try This One Weird Trick To Destroy 700K Jobs

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 2.08.54 AMYou almost have to think they’re doing it on purpose.  California will lose 700,000 jobs if lawmakers and unions agree to raise the minimum wage to $15 per hour according to a new report.

Jerry Brown, California’s governor, actually criticized the minimum wage as a policy that will “hurt poor people”. But as soon as public opinion changed, Jerry Brown changed his opinion as well. This is the same old story with the governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, who initially laughed at and made fun of “Fight For Fifteen” protestors but abruptly became a huge fan of the $15 minimum wage as soon as it became popular among the masses.

Even the N.Y. Times thought that raising the minimum wage was a dumb idea. What happened? Did the laws of basic economics change or are these governors feeling the “bern” of the angry protesting socialist masses?

Charles Lane of the Washington Post gives us his opinion:

Meanwhile, in California, Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown and the state’s labor leaders have announced legislation to raise the state’s minimum wage from $10 to $15 per hour; it’s likely to pass the Democratic-majority legislature.

Whatever else might be said about this plan, it does not represent an exercise in evidence-based policymaking.

To the contrary: There’s a total lack of evidence that the potential benefits would outweigh potential costs — and ample reason to worry they would not.

The basic trade-off, per Economics 101, is that the increased earnings that a higher minimum wage gives workers at the low end of the income scale might be offset by pricing those workers out of jobs they could have had at less than the new, higher minimum wage.

Later he writes:

Obviously, the California governor was responding not to facts and evidence but politics, with a Sanders-Hillary Clinton primary battle looming, and labor unions planning a “$15 an hour” referendum for the November ballot — though Brown did reveal his misgivings, and added to the bill’s complexity, by insisting on a provision that allows for delayed future increases if they would hurt the state economy or blow up its budget.

Populism in America has reach a tipping point where politicians will enact potentially terrible job killing policies simply to appease the masses. Despite Jerry Brown’s  personal opposition to the $15 minimum wage he is letting the mob rule.

In the hilarious 1979 Dead Kennedy’s punk rock song California Über Alles a much younger Jerry Brown becomes the zen-fascist ruler of America where he forces kids to meditate in school.

In our present day reality Jerry Brown is allowing economically illiterate punks from his failed schools to rule him. The entire democrat party is terrified to confront a growing “democratic socialist” movement that rejects classic economics. Remember, this is a state where rent control is still considered a legitimate form of “economic justice”.

The zen-socialist progressives typically talk about the minimum wage in religious moral terms.It’s about “equality” and “fairness” not basic economic theory. It appears that the amount of the minimum wage was not based on any sort of economic data related to what the market can actually sustain. They just picked a number that conforms with their theology of “economic justice”.

The masses want to see a $15 minimum wage and they don’t care what the economists say. The will of the masses above all else. California Über Alles!