Clinton suggests Russia working to elect Trump

HAMPTON, Illinois — Hillary Clinton on Monday expressed “a very serious” concern about Russia’s apparent tampering with the U.S. election, implying that Vladimir Putin and the “adversarial foreign power” he governs are actively trying to elect Donald Trump.

“I’m really concerned about the credible reports about Russian government interference in our elections,” Clinton told reporters aboard the maiden voyage of her Boeing 737 “Stronger Together” campaign plane, which the Democratic nominee will share with her press corps for the final 63 days of the campaign.

“The fact that our intelligence professionals are now studying this, and taking it seriously,” she said, “raises some grave questions about potential Russian interference with our electoral process.”

After more than a month in which she spent most of her time out of sight raising money from mega donors and celebrities in wealthy enclaves from Los Angeles to the Hamptons, Clinton’s aggressive stance toward Russia was part of a roaring back to the campaign trail on Labor Day.


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