Clinton Surrogate Insults Bernie Supporters (Actually A Compliment!)

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 11.51.02 AMHeather Zichal is an energy consultant who is trying to tamp down on the totally insane party platform demands that Bernie Sanders is making about energy. Bernie wants to do extreme stuff, such as totally ban fracking for natural gas, and even some progressive liberals think it’s crazy. Bernie, however, figures that if climate change really is the greatest threat facing mankind it is worth taking action regardless of how much economic damage is done. Years of demagoguery have come back to bite these liberals in the worst way.

So, Heather Zichal went on a rant against the wild demands of Bernie supporters and then she leveled the ultimate “insult” at them.

Check it out, from

That’s the politics of Trump, the politics of Mitch McConnell, and the politics of Big Polluters. It’s their way or the highway. We shouldn’t join them in a burn-it-down march to the ideological sea.

But when I close my eyes and listen to some Sanders supporters outrage about the environmental planks of the Democratic Party Platform, I hear echoes of the Tea Party. (emphasis added)

Haha, Ohh no she didn’t! She is trying to warn Bernie Supporters that they will sound like the big bad evil Tea Party if they don’t shut up and do what Hillary tells them to do.

Sorry Bernie supporters, you guys could only wish you were the Tea Party! We do understand the comparison, however.

The Tea Party came to be when conservatives realized that established Republicans in Washington didn’t really want to reduce the size and scope of government, they were just using us for our votes. So we rebelled and voted the bums out of office (a few of them anyway).

Bernie supporters realize they are being used as well. Hillary just wants their vote, she doesn’t truly believe in their crazy climate religion.

However, if climate change is going to literally destroy the entire earth, why not burn it all down? The problem with Hillary’s rhetoric is that if climate change REALLY is the apocalyptic threat that she says it is, the Bernie people are being perfectly reasonable with their demands to end fossil fuel production before a viable alternative exists.

If prices for natural gas prices increase several hundred percent, Bernie doesn’t care, it’s what he thinks he must do to save them entire planet. The progressive wing of the Democratic party has gone off the rails of the crazy train and they might not be coming back.