Clueless CNN Reporter’s Straw-Man Narrative BURNS TO THE GROUND (Wow She Looks Dumb)

You don’t see liberals get destroyed this badly often but when you do it’s a sight to behold. Christiane Amanpour is a progressive reporter who is famous for making up her own weird accent to try to sound smart. While discussing the Brexit with Dan Hannan, her fake accent did little to protect Christiane from her obscene ignorance about why Mr. Hannan supports the Brexit. has the run down:

Hannan very deftly handles her unreasonable generalizations and turns the tables on her over and over again. The issue is very very simple, but Amanpour ignores it in order to attempt to smear UKIP and the Brexiters. While many might have voted for the Brexit to simply stop all immigration into Britain, Hannan and other Brexiters simply want CONTROL of the borders to be centralized among elected representatives of the British people, NOT UNelected bureaucrats of the European Union.


Amanpour is either too stupid to understand the distinction, or pretends to be, but Hannan does a great job of showing her logical inconsistencies and shutting down her absurd accusations.

Towards the end she actually says, “how do you expect to be a leaders at all these tables when you’re not a part of the EU?” What an absurd notion, as if the 5th largest economy in the world cannot influence foreign policy without giving up their sovereignty to unelected bureaucrats. How dishonest of her.

And finally, the idiot used the word “tautological” without knowing what the word means.

Other than regurgitating straw-man propaganda from far left media, she obviously has no clue why people like Dan Hannan want to leave the EU.

Watch the beat down on CNN below:

Wowza, that was fun! You wonder how she can keep her job after an interview like that, ohh right it’s CNN.