CNN Shuns Republicans

Ana Navarro of CNN proclaimed that she cant fathom how anyone ”with a conscience” could support a Republican who was a “rubber stamp” for President Trump.

Navarro stated, “The problem, though, is that in so many races around the country, the issue is not what your policies are, the issue is not what you’re offering, the only issue that’s getting debated in Republican primaries is just how close you are to Trump and how much you’re going to be a rubber stamp for him. At that point, I don’t know how anyone with a conscience can bring themselves to vote for that kind of Republican.”

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  1. James in Texas says:

    It is really easy to understand. We, who are Conservatives know that the Democrats know nothing except spend, spend, spend and that would turn this country into one giant “Useful Idiots voters” country, who would soon learn that our government has finally “run out of other peoples money” and then, as usual, the DNC and media would blame it on the Republicans. The other reason is based on not being able to stick our heads up our backside, which appears to be the one and only requirement to be a Democrat! Any questions?

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