Comedian Says ‘Patriotism is Perverted’

Not very funny comedian and ultra liberal personality, Sarah Silverman stated “patriotism is perverted” and also labeled the President as “childish.”

Silverman said that there are “two kinds of patriotism.”

“The right has perverted the meaning of being liberal, or being feminist. Even “social justice warrior” is an insult. We pervert language so much.”

“Patriotism has always been a bit owned by the right. The last disillusion on all of our parts is that there are two parties, and they’re made up of two very different kinds of people. I have to think that oligarchs and billionaire wealth addicts aside, for the most part, are more alike than we think. We’re just getting our news from outlets that are telling us different types of stories.”

“Patriotism is perverted.”

“We’re not on the same page of what it means. To me, being patriotic is loving your country — being a citizen, having a voice, being E Pluribus Unum. How perverted it is to go from “We are one” to “We are number one,” which is such a childish idea.”