D.L. Hughley Says America Doesn’t Mind Killing Blacks

Comedian D.L. Hughley believes that a majority of Americans don’t “have a problem” with “people of color being slain at the hands of the police.”

Hughley stated, “I think America just doesn’t have a problem with Americans, African Americans, people of color being slain at the hands of the police. You will hear a lot of white people saying most policemen are good apples. There are a few bad apples. That may be true in most neighborhoods, but those bad apples tend to work in our neighborhoods.”

“You can’t find a black person in this country that can’t tell you about a negative experience they’ve had with police. Conversely, you can’t talk to a lot of white people who have had similar experience as black people. We are a myth to them. A lot don’t know who we are. They know who we are from the media. I don’t fault the police because they are enacting a mission statement. And that mission has been in communities of color, not to protect and serve, but keep us where we belong, keep us in our neighborhoods and keep us out of places that make other people uncomfortable. Every time there is an interaction with the police, the propensity to spiral out of control or some unintended consequence happen.”


  1. James in Texas says:

    Where does the so-called Progressives/Socialist/Communists get these folks! First, sadly the largest percent of Black folks killed/murdered are “killed by other Blacks”! And, yes, some officers of the law may be “bad apples”, which is to say, we also have a number of “bad apple politicians”, and yet, must of the time they are re-elected. The police officers are the responsibility of the citizens of the cities/towns/counties, and if you know of a “bad apple Officer”, get up off of you backside and do something about it! If we allow our law officers to be not be able to do their job, well, Who you going call when your door is being knocked down by the real bad guys! Do you think your local politician will take that call?

  2. You’re an imbecile! If you don’t like living in “your” neighborhoods, a.k.a. new plantations, I suggest you stop voting Democrat.

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