DANGEROUS Burglar Terrifies Family – Until Victim Says THIS

19761420_sAn entire family was holed up in a bedroom, leaning against the door to stop an intruder from harming them. Moments later the aggressive criminal was curled up on the ground in submission and the family was perfectly safe. It all happened because the home owner said some important persuasive words.

From the Blaze:

“I turned around and ran and slammed the door and told my husband there’s somebody in our house,” she told the station, adding with sobs that she didn’t know “what his intent was, I was just scared he was going to hurt my kids.”

Humphrey and her husband Brandon got their two young children into a bedroom, and the couple leaned against the door to prevent the intruder from entering the room.

“Once we slammed it, I said ‘you better get out of here’ with not very good language,” Brandon Humphrey recalled to KMAX with a chuckle, “and I told him we were armed.”

The word “armed” seemed to do the trick, because after Brandon Humphrey told the station he completed a sweep of the house, he checked the backyard — and found what he was looking for in the bushes.

“I saw him balled up … and I told him to get out and face the ground and stay there until the cops showed up,” he told KMAX.

Weird how having a gun changes the demeanor of hardened criminals. The next time some progressive liberal tells you that guns are more likely to injure you in a self defense situation remind them that those skewed statistics conveniently don’t include the nearly two million annual instances of self defense where a shot is never fired. That’s right, according to the NRA their are nearly two million acts of self defense where simply showing a gun prevents a crime.

This family didn’t even have to display a weapon, the mere mention of one was enough to subdue the criminal.