Democrat Claims Trump Uses Racist Rhetoric

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand recently went on air claiming that President Donald Trump has continually been using racist rhetoric. Some of the so-called racist rhetoric included the phrase “chain migration.” According to her, thats a “racist slur.”

She was questioned as to whether or not she agreed with House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) who vehemently said Trump’s immigration plan was created in an attempt to make America white again.

Gillibrand shot back, “I think a lot of President Trump’s Rhetoric is racist.”

“When someone uses the phrase chained migration, it is intentional in trying to demonize, literally trying to demonize families and make it a racist slur. It is not right. We have to change the debate. These are people. These are families.”


  1. Arnold Baron says:

    Nancy Pelosi and Kirsten Hillibrand are both kooks of the first degree. What amazes me is how any normal cognitive person would vote for either of these kooks and elect either of them to Congress.

    Then again, the were elected by sub mental democraps. Nuff said. Calling either of these “screwballs” persons is a misnomer.

  2. It’s very simple to understand – IF – you do anything other than agree with a left wing loon – you are a racist.

  3. DonRS says:

    After 8 years of business opposition policies, the Democrats are trying to take credit for Trump’s success. That’s the only kind of success liberals can achieve – on the backs of others!

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