Democrat Headlines Nudist Show… With Daughter!

There is a special election fast approaching in Montana to fill the vacated seat of former Republican Rep. Ryan Zinke — who is now interior secretary in the Trump administration — and Democrats have thrown considerable support behind the candidacy of left-leaning populist Rob Quist.

According to Quist’s campaign website, he is just a regular, guitar-playing, “independent” Montanan thoroughly committed to upholding “Montana values” in Washington, D.C., and who could argue with that?

However, a recent revelation by the Washington Free Beacon called into question just what sort of “values” Quist was actually committed to, given that he has been a regular guest performer at a “premier” nudist colony and resort in neighboring Idaho known as Sun Meadow Resort.

Sun Meadows promotes itself as a “family friendly” nudist resort that is appropriate for children.

Quist is featured prominently on the resort’s website, along with his daughter Halladay, who has also been a frequent performer for the nudists, according to the report. The duo are pictured wearing clothes on the website, and it was unclear whether they have previously performed clothed or otherwise.

The Free Beacon discovered that Quist has been a featured performer in several festivals at the resort dating back to at least 2009 and began performing alongside his daughter in 2011.

Neither Quist’s campaign nor the Sun Meadow Resort responded to questions from the Free Beacon regarding the extent of Quist’s involvement with the nudists.

Exploring and enjoying nudity with family members, particularly father and daughter, doesn’t exactly sit well with the vast majority of Americans, who largely view such things as perverse and intrinsically counter to the Judeo-Christian values most Americans still hold.

Not being Montanans, it would be difficult for us to presume to speak for them with any certainty, but we nevertheless feel confident stating that most Montanans probably don’t consider hanging out at nudist resorts with family members to be a top “value” they want their representative in Congress to be upholding in D.C.


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