Democrats Are in a Financial CRISIS!

Well, well, well…

Despite all of their boasting, the Democrats are broke.

They’re now facing a $75 million obstacle before they can even hope to take back the Congress in 2018.

As much as Democrats point to the failures of the Republican Party, which is due to the establishment GOP RINOS, their own party is in shambles.

The Democratic Party has been rocked by numerous scandals, is completely broke, and has torn itself apart while alienating the majority of its constituency by embracing far-left ideology.

At this rate, Democrats should be looking beyond 2018, 2020, and even further down the road; because they’re not likely to win ANYTHING any time soon!

From Free Beacon

The Democratic Party has a “serious fundraising crisis” as it lags far behind the Republican National Committee in cash raised and struggles to attract small-money donors, according to a former top staffer for Sen. Bernie Sanders’ (I., Vt.) 2016 presidential campaign.

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