Democrats Don’t Fight For The Little Guy

Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) admitted that the Democratic Party isn’t “fighting for the little guy.”

Brown stated, “I think Ohioans, a lot of working Ohioans believe Washington has forgotten them. They’ve seen these trade agreements and shut down productions in Mansfield and Toledo and moved it to Beijing and Reynosa, Mexico. They don’t see their children having a better material life than they are and they rolled the dice. I think they are seeing there is no infrastructure plan, the tax bill overwhelmingly helps the rich.”

“I think Democrats have not talked about fighting for the little guy … The party has been too free trade, but the Republicans have been more free trade. That’s our problem to show where we are and fight for workers.”

“We don’t as a party—we’ve got to show we’re fighting for the little guy. We don’t do that enough.”