Diane Feinstein Gives The Worst Defense Of Hillary EVER

Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 9.22.08 PMHillary just needed to break State Department rules and possibly violate federal law to communicate with her husband and daughter according to crazed leftist Diane Feinstein. This has to be the most pathetic attempt to excuse Clinton’s email misconduct ever concocted.



Watch the video, it’s hilarious:

Gee wiz, she doesn’t think Hillary was trying to hide anything either, LOL. Of course, this same woman also thinks that banning plastic pistol grips on guns saves peoples lives. This is the women who created the first assault weapon ban by looking at pictures in gun magazines and trying to criminalize the guns that looked scary.

This is the same woman who thinks she fixed San Fransisco’s high rent problem with her idiotic rent control policies. They don’t come any crazier than Feinstein. Her supporters probably loved her answer though, yeah Hillary just needed a way to talk to Bill, yeah right!