Did The Only Viable Third Party Candidate Just Commit Political Suicide?

Screen Shot 2016-07-30 at 8.47.51 PMGary Johnson needs to reach 15% in the polls in order to be allowed in the fall presidential debates. These debates are expected to be watched by as many or more Americans as the Super Bowl. In an election where both major party candidates have low levels of likeability anything can happen. 2016 is the biggest chance the Libertarian Party has ever had to attract votes.

However, recently Gary Johnson’s vice presidential candidate, William Weld made some comments that are basically akin to political suicide.

From Redstate:

This is, again, an appalling answer from Weld. And Gillespie is right to point out that Susan Collins is one of the most terrible people in Congress, from both a conservative and a Libertarian perspective. Weld is just engaging in rank nostalgia for the days when he and his fellow country club, big government Republicans had a constituency.

William Weld literally praises Obama’s Supreme court pick Merrick Garland and sitting justice Steven Breyer, he praises big government senators like Susan Collins. It’s just insanely dumb strategy! Read the entire article from Red Sate here.

To make matters worse Gary Johnson has been making idiotic anti-religious freedom (read about it here) remarks to get Bernie fans to vote for him. Bernie fans won’t be impressed that Weld likes Susan Collins nor is religious freedom at the top of their list, they mostly want free stuff. Disillusioned Ted Cruz supporters won’t like it either, it’s political suicide. Gary Johnson only has two weeks to boost his poll numbers by 8% or so to get into the debates. At a critical time, his campaign shot itself in the foot.