“Dirty” Harry Reid Fingerprints All Over This NASTY Immigration Scandal

Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 4.34.16 PM“Dingy” Harry Reed is in big trouble. The outrageous politically motivated firing of an ICE immigration official has “Dingy” Harry written all over it.  It looks as if Harry Reid tried to pull an unethical and illegal favor for his son and destroyed an innocent single mom’s career over it.  The dailycaller.com is now speculating that he could be deposed to testify in court over the scandal.

From the Dailycaller.com

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid could be deposed for ICE whistleblower Taylor Johnson’s new lawsuit because complaints from his office precipitated her ouster.  Johnson’s attorney, Morris Fischer, told the Washington Gadfly that, “We will attempt to depose whoever is involved in this corruption up to and including Harry Reid. His fingerprints are all over the place.”

The veteran law enforcement agent, who DHS fired in February after she rejected $100,000 in hush money, filed a Merit System Protection Board claim against the agency earlier this month.

Johnson, a single mother of four, had a storied career until she ran afoul of Reid by expressing national security concerns about the EB-5 visa program for foreigners who invest at least $500,000 in American companies. One of the green cards she refused to approve was for a Chinese investor in the Las Vegas casino represented by Reid’s lawyer son, Rory.

After Reid’s office called her Special Agent-in-Charge Johnson was stripped of her gun and badge without explanation in 2013. Her frantic boss demanded to know why he was suddenly being threatened with congressional action.

Johnson’s complaints and objections from other whistleblowers were subsequently vindicated.

It gets even worse!  DHS tries to accuse Johnson of misconduct including falsifying documents to shut her up.
In June 2015, Johnson testified in a nationally televised hearing about her troubles with the agency and concerns about the program. Although DHS spokesman officially told the media they could not comment about her particular case, it turned out the ICE spokeswoman Gillian Christensen was running a secret smear campaign against her with the full knowledge of Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs.  The attempt to discredit Johnson is now under investigation by the Senate Homeland Security Committee and the DHS Office of Inspector General, which both have interviewed this reporter about his encounter with Christensen.
Remember when Harry Reid showed up to Capitol Hill all beat up with bruises and a severely damaged eye?  He claimed it was an exercising accident.  Several right wing media media outlets reported that both the extent and type of injuries he suffered were inconsistent with the exercising accident he described.  Perhaps he was telling the truth, maybe he was working-out with an angry Chinese mobster who couldn’t get an EB-5 visa to enter America.