Disgusting: Black GOP Senator Called “House N***a”

Supporting the nomination of Sen. Jeff Sessions as attorney general ought to be OK for anyone to do, but in the minds of racially obsessed liberals, doing so as a black man presents a problem.

But when one liberal racist tried to highlight this Wednesday by tweeting that Sessions’ longtime staffer William Smith and Sen. Tim Scott — the latter of whom formally endorsed Sessions Tuesday — were “house n****s, it backfired big time.

Unfazed by the attack on his character, Scott tweeted back a single-word retort: “Senate.”

There was only one word that adequately described what Scott did to the troll: “rekt,” as in Scott completely destroyed (or “wrecked”) his simple-minded opponent.


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source: http://conservativetribune.com/black-gop-senator-twitter-response/


  1. Chandler says:

    That is what the Democrats are all about disruption of a free society. They want to rule this country not lead it.
    Look out America Communism has a foot hold in America and they will undermine our Laws of the Land and our Constitution and remove our Free society.
    It’s happening now if you have not been paying attention.
    FREEDOM is disappearing right and left and if we do not stop it soon it will be to late.
    They are and have been changing the face of our Country and not in a good way.
    They bring there culture here and group together with same countryman, they have no intentions of blending, they intend to take over and fundamentally change out country to theirs.

  2. GoldenRudy says:

    The Left’s worse nightmare is the prospect that Pres Trump’s administration will improve the lot of those stuck in the inner-city ghettos. And thus, improve the overall American spirit. The Left will do everything in its power and with the power of the Leftist media to defeat that possibility.

  3. Howleyesque says:

    Yep the sad fact is that, no matter WHAT they did “back in the day”, following the death of MLK, race hatred profiteers like Sharpton, Jackson, LEWIS AND BOOKER buried his DREAM with him and have instead promoted a black bigoted agenda that has NOTHING to do with EQUALITY and EVERYTHING to do with their own personal gain!

  4. Chandler says:

    Think that you are spot on GoldenRudy;

    It is all about if we are lucky, that the Democrat Party will end up loosing it all.
    They should be disbanded after all we fought Communism from the birth of our nation,and that is exactly what the Democrat party has become.
    But less we forget we must keep in mind that the Republicans have a core group that is no better than the Democrats we need to get rid of also. I have hope for our great country and her legal citizens.
    It is not good to have illegals that enter our country illegally and refuse to honor our way of life.
    Instead they want to change our laws of the land and our Constitution and us being a free society.
    They want to fundamentally change us and our Country into what they want. We can’t allow this to happen.
    This is the United States of America and she is what we fight for , God,Country and our FREEDOM. God bless America and help us keep her safe.

  5. william bailey says:

    Jealous and haters cause they didn’t make the cut in sports or movies or music ! It is what it is !

  6. william bailey says:

    Jealous and Haters , cause they didn’t make the cut in , sports , movies ,music. It is what it is !

  7. Thomas Cordell says:

    It is amazing how they project “tolerance” when they think they have power.

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