Does Obama Bathroom Policy REALLY Allow Boys To Shower With Girls? (You’ll Be Sorry You Asked)

CaptureporkyThe media keeps talking about bathrooms but the really controversial part of the progressive view of gender is actually the shower room. Obama just wrote a letter to all public schools to proclaim his insane view of gender.

National Review lays it all out:

Additionally, the letter not only grants opposite-sex access to locker rooms (including showers), it requires schools with single-sex dorms to allow men access to women’s dorms and to make other “overnight accommodations.” So when schools are arranging accommodations for overnight school trips, boys will be entitled to sleep in the same hotel room as girls. When, inevitably, girls are involuntarily exposed to the sight of male genitalia, it will be interpreted not as an act of indecent exposure or sexual harassment but rather as a byproduct of the exercise of civil rights.

As long as an anatomical male identifies as female they can hop in the shower with the girls volleyball team. The school can’t even set up a separate shower facility for a transgender student as an acceptable compromise. Any anatomical male student who claims to be female must have full access to all girls shower and locker rooms according to Obama’s decree.

Donald Trump agrees with this radical interpretation of gender but he thinks that the states should be forcing girls to shower with boys instead of the federal government. Trump Towers already allows men in women’s facilities.

Real conservatives don’t want people of ANY gender identity exposing their male genitalia to females in the shower, PERIOD.

“Ohh well, at least the naked forty year old man in the women’s changing room of the public pool identifies as a woman” said no one ever.