Donald Trump’s Toughest Radio Interview Ever – This Is How He Responds

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 1.21.35 AMWhen Donald Trump went on the air with conservative talk show host Charlie Sykes he probably didn’t expect such a tough interview. Donald Trump didn’t know that Charlie Sykes is a strong #nevertrump conservative until the end of the interview. Charlie Sykes went after Trump hard and didn’t hesitate to ask if Donald Trump is a real conservative or a fraud. Donald Trump didn’t back down either and a great interview results.  This entire interview is worth listening to if you have the time but the video below starts with the best part about whether or not Donald Trump is a real conservative. You gotta check this out.

Charlie Sykes and Donald Trump really go at it. Sykes calls Trump out for changing the subject. Donald Trump mentions that he gave money to both democrats and republicans as a businessman but when he only gave money to Republicans it was harder for him to “do deals”. While Donald Trump has always argued that his donations to democrats were for business purposes only he doesn’t normally add the interesting fact that Trump found it harder to get things done without donating to democrats.

What exactly were politicians like Hillary Clinton doing to help Trump’s business? What did those same politicians do that made it harder for Donald to “do deals” and “get things done” when he stopped donating money to them. Are democrats harassing Donald’s business?

This interview is great because it creates many new questions as well as answering old ones. Donald Trump makes it clear that he is a conservative nowadays and Charlie Sykes makes it clear that he has doesn’t believe him.  No matter who you believe this is an informative interview.