Dr. Ron Paul On How To Protect Your Family

Ron PaulDeveloping Story: Dr. Ron Paul Reveals #1 Step to Prepare for America’s Next Big Crisis05.04.2015 by Michael Palmer, Stansberry Research

WASHINGTON, D.C. – This is a fascinating story with implications for every American

Dr. Ron Paul–the former U.S. Presidential candidate and 22-year Congressional veteran–was briefly back in Washington, D.C., recently.

Dr. Paul was in the nation’s capital to educate Americans on what he believes our country’s next financial crisis will look like.

He says America is on the verge of a real “currency crisis”—the likes of which we have not seen in more than 50 years.

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While in D.C., Dr. Paul announced that he’s found a way for citizens of every political party to prepare, including the specific steps you should take. He released a short video presentation to explain all the details. (You can watch it here.)

Few people in America today have Dr. Paul’s knowledge of the inner workings of both the government and the U.S. financial system…

After all, Dr. Paul spent more than two decades in Congress. He served on the House Banking Committee and the Committee on Foreign Affairs.

He sponsored more than 600 legislative bills. He met with every President of the past 40 years and every Fed Chairman. He spent thousands of hours in top secret, closed-door meetings.

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And Dr. Paul believes a major currency crisis is coming to America… sooner than most people think.

During his recent visit in Washington, he said:

“The way you live, work, travel, retire, and invest in America… everything is going to change. Some of it in ways most people do not expect. This period is going to be particularly tough on seniors and anyone relying on a fixed income, or money from the government.”

“Trouble is coming—please make sure you, your family, and anyone you care about are prepared.”

That’s why Dr. Paul recently worked to help put together a short video presentation that explains the #1 first step every American should take to prepare for America’s next, inevitable crisis.

I strongly suggest you take a look at this fascinating piece Dr. Paul has prepared.

You may have seen many of Dr. Ron Paul’s interviews, speeches, and Congressional testimony over the years…

But I guarantee you’ve never seen him quite like this.

Be sure to check out Dr. Paul’s brand new free presentation, here…