Evangelicals Make This Demand Of Donald J. Trump

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 7.50.14 PMIf Donald Trump doesn’t choose a social conservative for vice president he may be in for a nasty surprise. Some really big names in the evangelical movement might not be joining the Trump team if a socially liberal running mate is chosen.

From Politico:

Several of the country’s top socially conservative leaders, from Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council to Penny Nance of Concerned Women for America, said Trump’s choice of running mate would be among the most important factors in deciding whether to activate their extensive grass-roots networks on the real estate billionaire’s behalf.

“Who’s he going to surround himself with? The first indication is going to be vice presidential choice,” said Bob Vander Plaats, who served as Ted Cruz’s national co-chairman and is revered in Iowa evangelical circles.

“He’s not part of the Republican conservative family,” added Richard Viguerie, a longtime fixture of conservative politics with close ties to evangelical power brokers. “He needs to prove to us that he’s worthy of our support. It’s not sufficient to say he’s not Hillary. He needs to do more than that. … The ballgame on that is personnel.”

Trump’s demand that the Republican Party change it’s party platform on abortion and his support for transgender bathroom policies has hurt his standing with some conservatives.

Donald Trump has been moving to the left in his rhetoric on virtually all issues not just social ones. He is suddenly reconsidering raising the minimum wage and prepared to use higher taxes as a bargaining chip in future negotiations with Democrats.

Many conservatives feared that Donald Trump would revert back to the yuge government liberal worldview he held most of his adult life. Their fears might be materializing.