Everything Was Going Fine… Until Joe Biden Said This

Joe BidenOle “Gaffe-A-Minute” Joe Biden is at it again.

How Joe has survived through a long career of making wild, exaggerated, fictitious, and just plain idiotic statements in public almost boggles the mind.

Remember the Dan Quayle “fiasco” when he misspelled “potato” as “potatoe”? That was the main topic of the biased liberal media, 24/7, for months.

Of course, Dan is a Republican and Joe is a Democrat.

So, rather than being pounded mercilessly by the media after each of his outrageous gaffes (like any Republican would), Joe gets a free pass.

“Oh, that’s just Joe being Joe Biden”, his media friends and party pals opine. “He doesn’t mean any harm.”

“That’s just Ol’ Joe”, others explain with a chuckle.

But while “Uncle” Joe Biden’s defenders find his many misstatements charming, sane folks should find them truly disturbing.

Let’s take a look at just a few of Joe’s recent gaffes:

  • On Friday, at a speech in Joplin, Missouri to recognize the amazing resilience of the city after its devastating tornado in 2011, Joe sorrowfully noted the “161,000 brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, grandparents lost” in the awful storm. The only problem is… the actual death toll was 161, not 161,000, which, by the way, is more than three times the city’s population of 50,000.
  • On Thursday, while speaking at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government, Biden had to later walk back his comments that U.S. allies Turkey, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates funded and armed terrorists.
  • During that same appearance, the man second in line to be our commander in chief said his job – hardly one of the most demanding – was a “bitch.”
  • A few weeks earlier, even the liberal Washington Post admitted that Biden had “the worst week in Washington.” The gaffe assembly line kicked off when Biden offended the Jewish community by grousing about the “Shylocks” who lend to military members and their families. It continued when Jumpin’ Joe designated the prime minister of Singapore as “the wisest man in the Orient.”

But this one has to be the capper…

Joe Biden praised one-time Republican Senator Bob Packwood – a man who was forced to resign in shame amid charges of sexual harassment and assault.

The problem? Joe sang Packwood’s praises during a speech at a Democratic leadership forum… for women.

All this would be laughable if this man was not next in line to be president. And now we know why Barack Obama will never be impeached.