Guess Which Federal Agency is Run by Porn Addicts, Office Thieves, And Drunk Drivers?

Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 6.25.06 AMFarmers in America have loathed the EPA for what they see as overzealous regulations.  Simply digging a ditch near a stream causes some farmers to fear potential violations of the recently updated Clean Water Act.  Now every taxpayer has a reason to be angry with the EPA!

Republican Rep. Jason Chaffetz is demanding documents after a report shows that EPA employees who committed crimes at work including drug possession and theft were not fired.  That’s right they KEPT their jobs!  Mr. Chaffetz spent MONTHS investigating and exposing EPA misconduct and now he discovers that many of the perpetrators still work for the EPA.

Would you still have your job if you committed crimes at work like these EPA employees do?

The Daily Caller reports:

House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Rep. Jason Chaffetz wants Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Inspector General Arthur A. Elkins Jr., to hand over dozens of documents from investigations of misconduct by government employees.

The Daily Caller News Foundation reported Feb. 18 that EPA employees who had been convicted of stealing government equipment and taking marijuana onto federal property were allowed to keep their jobs. Their names were also withheld from the public in case summaries released by the EPA IG.

Chaffetz, a Utah Republican, told Elkins in a Thursday letter to hand over all documents involved in three dozen employee investigations from April 2014 through September 2015.  Fellow Republican committee member Rep. Paul Gosar of Arizona blasted the EPA last month in a statement to TheDCNF.

“The employee integrity cases released this week by the EPA Office of Inspector General further corroborate a culture of corruption at this lawless agency,” Gosar told TheDCNF. “This collection of porn addicts, office thieves and drunk drivers are not fit to run for dog-catcher, much less manage a federal agency.”

It almost looks like it’s impossible to get fired from the EPA these days.  No wonder Ted Cruz believes that bureaucracies like the IRS and EPA are so corrupt that it is best to totally eliminate them  and start over from scratch.

The EPA has already damaged its reputation with controversial changes to the Clean Water Act last year.  This year the Supreme Court shut down the EPA’s new regulations on greenhouse gasses.  Now this scandal threatens to put the EPA back in the cross hairs of the remaining presidential candidates.