Former Senator Accuses Trump Of Cover-Up

While on MSNBC, former Sen Barbara Boxer being a faithful democrat that she is, accused Trump of doing a “rolling massacre” for firing of Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates, former FBI Director James Comey and FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe.

The Democrat said, “We know what Trump has done. He got rid of Preet Bharara. He got rid of Sally Yates, got rid of Comey. He got rid of McCabe. What scares me—and even if I seem a little calm, I am so alarmed, is that the lackeys in Congress, those GOPers led by Ryan and Nunes are just in many ways, I use a word I don’t mean in a legal sense, colluding and collaborating with a president who obviously is under investigation. We saw it when on the hot mic, they were already discussing the fact that he was going to ‘release the memo’ which could put lives in jeopardy.”

“If there is nothing to hide, why does he have to ask Nunes, his lackey, to cause all this trouble and go against a Republican Justice Department? This is unheard of. This is a constitutional crisis. And I know I was thinking about the massacre, the Saturday Night Massacre. This is a rolling massacre. One thing after the other after the other. And now you have the Republicans colluding in a way to really cover up what I believe will turn out to be some kind of crime. I really do believe that.”