Gadsden Flag Prank Gets High School Senior Kicked Out of School

Gadsden FlagIn another story of political correctness in public education (where free speech and original thinking are frowned upon), a harmless prank at a Colorado high school got a soon-to-be-graduate in trouble.

The Examiner reported that on May 9, Greg Stonebruner replaced the school’s flag at Central High School in Grand Junction, Colorado with the “Don’t Tread On Me” flag – an expression of freedom and the willingness to fight for it. Stonebruner also attached a note to the flagpole that told the history of the Gadsden flag.

The prank didn’t go over well with Principal Jodie Diers, who was outraged when she saw the Gadsden flag flying. Other students claimed she was angry and yelling to have the flag replaced after seeing what happened.

Diers later pulled Stonebruner out of a scholarship breakfast and told him and his parents the flag was a “slap in the face” to the school and he was “not welcome” anymore at Central High. She also withheld his diploma until after the graduation ceremony.

After receiving his diploma and getting his flag back, Stonebruner had some strong words about the incident and the principal’s claim that flying the Gadsden flag was a ‘slap in the face’ to the school. He said:

The Gadsden flag has almost an identical history to the American flag, and was born from a very patriotic cause, and its suddenly a ‘slap in the face.’ This shows the ignorance and misinformation of the people in power over our children. History like this used to be taught in schools all over the United States, and now not even most adults, let along high school age people know what this flag stands for.

Administrators all over the US are excising [sic] power that they do not have over students and other adults. Students are being taught to obey the baseless authority and to never question anything. Is that the real message we want to be sending our children, who are the future of this country?

Stonebruner hopes his story will go viral so that more people are made aware of this blatant abuse of power from a school administrator who took out her anger on a student because his political views were different than hers.

Do American public schools truly educate students in critical thinking, or do they try to indoctrinate students with their views? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.