Germany’s Two Years of Islamist Terror and Migrant Crisis

This week, Germany experienced its worst terror atrocity since the 1980s, following 21 months of Islamist suicide bombings, shootings, axe attacks, and now a truck rampage.

The terrorist killers responsible have included numerous “refugees” from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Algeria, as well as several German citizens of Turkish decent indoctrinated in radical Islam. Around seven of the plots and attacks are thought to have been linked to Islamic State.

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  1. Chandler says:

    It’s not surprising that Germany has sold out there citizens for the Scum of the earth ILLEGAL SQUATTERS from around the world.
    Wake up idiots these Illegals have no intention in blending in with the Host Country.
    They plan the take over like they are doing in Europe and America also slow and steady.
    If you do not wake up and soon you will not have a country, you will be a stranger in your former country .
    That your government gave away to all the poor illegals.
    What a farce, just saying

  2. Just low IQ. America is Obama in office for eight years. His birth certificate under Photoshop, looks like something a little kid did. He has never been our president. Remember the Germans followed a nutcase named Hitler that basically destroyed their whole country.
    Mother Merkel is unfortunately a low IQ broad

  3. DonRS says:

    It is sad to see how mindless some of the leaders of the Western world can be! No matter the substantial evidence of the TERRIBLE results of allowing wholesale, immigration of unvettable Muslim Terrorists disguised as “refugees”, they welcome them into their countries – OVER THEIR CITIZENS OBJECTIONS.

    Thankfully, Obama will be GONE from power in 26 days. German’s will have to wait. The scary part – they may be no smarter than Americans who re-elected Obama, by re-electing the SOCIALIST Angela Merkel! For the sake of Germany and the rest of the Western world, we can hope that doesn’t happen. Demographically, it is already TOO LATE for the U.K., Belgium and France. They will become a Muslim nation in the near future!

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