Glamour Magazine Promotes One-Night Stands

Glamour magazine is now being explicit in its promotion of promiscuity. In a Saturday post, feminist author Amanda de Cadenet promoted one-night stands in a piece called, There’s Nothing Wrong With One-Night Stands, and Other Love Advice We Wish We Had Growing Up.

“Know this: A one-night stand is not a bad thing,” declares de Cadenet — in all bold letters.

The feminist, already on her second marriage, explained that the first time she had sex “there was no orgasm,” but assured readers sex got better thanks to her discovery of the one-night stand with strange men she “never wanted to see again.”

“Sex got more exciting in my twenties, when I discovered the joy of the one-night stand. Some of my favorite sexual experiences have been with people I never wanted to see again but whom I’m very pleased I spent the night with,” she wrote.

De Cadenet then goes on to completely disconnect love and, more importantly, commitment, from sex, describing it in strictly carnal terms.


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