Good News for Texas Tea Party Challenger

Patrick - DewhurstIn most elections around the country, the Tea Party candidate is usually the challenger and the underdog. However, there’s a big exception in the Texas GOP Lieutenant Governor’s race between Tea Party challenger Dan Patrick (left) and incumbent David Dewhurst (right).

With less than a month before the May 27 Republican primary, Patrick has the unlikely role of being a big favorite, by as much as 20 percent in some polls.

Going into a May 2 debate in Houston, pundits say that Dewhurst has to score a big win in the debate to have a chance of winning this election. Why did a previously popular incumbent fall from political grace so quickly? Because of a shift in Texas Republican politics and a series of false attack ads that backfired badly.

Dewhurst’s campaign was already seen to be in trouble when he launched the negative ads against Patrick. The ads claimed that Patrick legally changed his name from Danny Goeb to Dan Patrick to hide from his federal income tax debts. Instead of providing a boost his campaign, they may have hammered the nails in his political coffin.

The ads were so untrue that PolitiFact Texas gave these claims the rating of “Pants On Fire.”

Rice University Political Science Chair Mark Jones, who has been closely following the Lieutenant Governor’s race, said Dewhurst needs to win the Houston debate by a wide margin. He said the latest private polls shows Patrick leading almost 2 to 1.

“All Dan Patrick needs is a draw or even a slight loss, whereas David Dewhurst needs a blowout victory, which is going to be next to impossible unless Dan Patrick has a meltdown on the debate stage,” said Jones.


  1. Richard says:

    Democrats=The Socialist Party

    • RIMILITIA says:

      Democracy is the “Shoe Horn” into Socialism………………..

      • Richard says:

        Thanks, it certainly fits….

    • Breal372002 says:

      Democrats> The Communist Movement. (Emphasis on >)

  2. anestat says:

    Democrats have not taken good stewardship of the U.S.

  3. Dean57 says:

    Democrats have NO idea of what energy independence would do for the US economy. They are so hell bent on destroying the fossil fuel industry that they have lost sight of the failures and cost of alternative energy.
    A plant in Oregon just closed as their wave technology became to costly. Have we forgotten Solendra and other solar panel outfits which have failed.
    Even wind technology is more costly than fossil fuel.
    I agree there is climate change. Earth went through it changes over centuries. There was the prehistoric age, ice age and on and on.
    To believe in man-made global warming is analogues to a Ant crawling up an Elephants leg with sex on its mind. Absolutely foolish.
    We need conservative candidate to win throughout the 2014 election cycle.

    • Frosty says:

      Conservative candidates will not get the job done if the polls are rigged as was the last election. There needs to be some effort to assure dead people and non citizens don’t vote. also the polls need to be policed to assure intimidation at the polls is not a factor. This needs to be an honest election contrary to our last one.

      • Tom says:

        We need to break away from electronic voting machines back to paper ballots so that the Powers that Be can’t hire the hackers this time. I think the ballot boxes have been stuffed by the hackers paid to do just that.

        • Danni Smith says:

          not sure about the paper ballots-they defraud us with those too, I personally witnessed in 2012-how to protect ourselves? This effort to overcome the criminals is what is leading us directly into a revolution.

        • wandrako says:

          They are now wanting to go to computer voting. That is as bad or worse than drive in or mail in paper ballots. Full of opportunity for fraud.

      • Edie Page says:

        If the Libs allow an honest election—–and good luck with that

      • Elaine says:

        This is precisely why the Democrats are so vehemently opposed to voter ID.

    • Original Rebel says:

      And wind technology is a disaster on small population birds as well, especially the Eagles. There has been numerous bodies of these birds found under these butt-ugly “windmills”. I find it reprehensible that these lib lugnuts will support one dangerous method over one that is tried and true!

    • Tex Irvin says:

      when the “greenies” can show me an affordable, viable alternative to fossil fuels I will listen but until then not so much

  4. gimpy says:

    Get rid of the liberal democrazy party, send them packing.

  5. david of tampa says:

    All elections accross the nation must be held by true Republican conservatives. If not we may hold on to the few rights we have left, but we will not reestablish the freedom we once had. No more fence sitters or false Republicans like Boehner, or McCain. Then hopefully we will not only impeach Obamma but put him on trial for treason, and hang him.

  6. TAM44 says:

    Damn the citizen keep borders open
    Evil political asses
    Money wasters
    Repulsive liars
    Anti God and America and our Constitution and Military too
    Taxes on everything except what they own
    Sons and daughters of Satan

    • Garx69 says:

      TAM44, That is a very good description of the Democrat party.

  7. Yourko says:

    In response to Frosty & Tom.
    In order to have dead people, and non US citizens unable to vote, we need voter ID’s, plain & simple. I’m sick of hearing it’s not possible, or the Dem’s don’t want it. Voter ID should be part of the DMV (Dept of Motor Vehicles) protocol. Should be part of the US passport protocol too! Welfare folks…, you want government $$…, you need a voter ID card…., period! People filling out forms to get your SSN, or children getting their SSN, their name goes into their respective counties DMV. When these children apply for their drivers licence @ 16 years of age phase 2 @ the DMV kicks in. When said child reaches the age of 18, in order to renew you licence, the appropriate forms are filled out to acquire your mandatory voter ID which is part of the drivers licence similar to the organ donor card. Non US citizens getting a US drivers licence need to provide birth certificates or, passports to get a US drivers licence. In these circumstances, non US citizens are issued “non citizen” US drivers licence that indicates:
    #1 this person is a “non citizen”.
    #2. unable to vote.
    #3. legal to drive.
    I wholeheartedly believe voter ID for US citizens needs to be implemented ASAP!

    • Rob Price says:

      Good Luck getting it! Especially as long as the jackass we have in office now is there.

    • reagangs says:

      Amen. All we can do is fight the libertards as best we can. By using old Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals on them, maybe we can turn the pages. I know in Fort Worth, TX, we require the Voter Registration Card and valid ID. Anything less is criminal. We can solve this and other problems with the progressives by taking out the trash next time around.

    • Gary Vaughn says:

      @Youko…I don’t know where you live, but in Texas we have to show a legitimate photo ID in order to vote. You points are well take, and I agree that voter fraud is a large problem, but until the fraud that is now residing in the White House is gone you will never see it in all States. Incidentally, are you American born? I ask because you don’t spell the word license they way an American does.

      • Yourko says:

        @ Gary…, Born in the Socialist Republic of Canada….., escaped to USA decades ago… Cali of all places…., you know what they say, keep your enemies close…. OUCH! lmao…..
        Been living the American dream ever since.
        Legitimate ID isn’t enough. Only American citizens can legally vote. This is why the Dem’s are hem’n & haw’n about voter ID’s. It’s an in for non citizens to vote.
        Correct me if I’m wrong but, wasn’t FL. suspect of voter fraud when the Bush admin was up to bat? I guess what goes around eventually comes around.
        God, Family, America…. in that order brother….. I stand firm.

        • wandrako says:

          There was some fraud in Florida but was on the dem side. If Gore had asked for a full count would have changed but he asked for the counties that had the most fraud and lost.

    • reagangs says:

      The demowits mantra: vote early and often, in as many places a s possible, using Disney Character names, dead relatives, felons, friends and neighbors, bussed in union members and bought sheeple off of the streets, and foreign illegals. Yes, in Texas we observe our voter ID laws, maybe, that’s why we are still RED.

  8. reagangs says:

    So DG changed his name to DP. Why??? Is there a problem with DG??? I didn’t vote for either one, before and I’m not sure which one will get my vote, next. Probably DD. Tea Party or no Tea Party. Maybe the Tea Party needs to vet DP/DG some more.

    • reagangs says:

      Amen!!! My thoughts, exactly. I voted for Ted Cruz and John Cornyn may not get my vote next time around.

  9. Oscar Pearson says:

    Great news!

  10. armydadtexas says:

    I am Conservative and I vote. Did I mention; I am voting for Dan Patrick, not the “moderate”Dewhurst

  11. ONLYJB1 says:

    I’m sorry, a debate means nothing in this race! Dewhurst has to be sent a message! We Texans are done with your style of politics! Kick cans brother, you’re done in Texas politics!

  12. Potus Scotus says:

    Y’all are just filled with conspiricies, LOL. Take off your tin foil tea bagger hats and come into the real world. What happened to the tea bagger primary senate candidate in NC???

  13. Mad Mmaxxx says:

    Todays Democrats are all about big intrusive government and job killing regulation. The want to create a culture of dependency upon big government so they implement their long term plan to turn America into the Socialist Republic of the United States.
    Fortunately the people are wise to this now that they are becomming more blatant about it.
    They have shot themselves in the foot one time to many, one scandal to many, one presidential edict to many.
    The backlash at the polls come november are going to make the Democrats wish they had not given us Owebama Care, Benghazi, Fast and furious, Irs targeting, instead of the economic growth and jobs they promised .

  14. ken29 says:

    So what does Patrick (and/or the Tea Party) advocate? When it first appeared, I assumed the Tea Party was to emulate the Boston Tea Party and advocate freedom from tyranny – most notably the tyranny of the Federal Government (a most appealing objective). As time has passed, it has evolved into primarily substituting a set of Right Wing tyrannies for the existing Left Wing tyrannies, with a secondary goal of opposing everything in sight – not nearly so appealing.

    • wandrako says:

      They are for low taxes, smaller government. They do not get very involved with a lot of social issues. The GOP has tried to kill them off and have collected huge amounts of money to do that. I won’t vote for my rep. because he attended a meeting on how to destroy them.

  15. US Army (retired) says:

    Dewhurst is nothing but a RINO-DINO. He will do anything to keep his job and will perform acts that a prostitute would say no to.

  16. reagangs says:

    So, did DG really change his name to DP??? Yes or No. It’s important.

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