Guess Which Republican Candidate Is Funded By Left-Wing Billionaire George Soros?

Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 3.40.49 PMA left wing billionaire who gave over $8 million to Hillary Clinton has teamed up with his business partners to raise $700,000 for a republican running for president.  Much political hay has been made over Donald Trump donating money to Hillary Clinton in the past, but the fact that a republican candidate is CURRENTLY being funded by leftist liberals is oddly ignored.  Why would a billionaire who is ready for Hillary make such massive donations to a republican running for president? has the scoop:

In total therefore, George Soros, personally and through surrogates, has donated over $700,000 to Governor John Kasich’s campaign.

Now, if you don’t know who George Soros is or what causes he funds, please type in his name in LifeSiteNews’ search box.  You will find that we have consistently highlighted the extreme evil machinations of this man in dozens of articles throughout the years.

For example, Mr. Soros, the third largest donor to Planned Parenthood, donated $20 million in 2011 alone, specifically to build their killing centers in the “south and southeast regions” of the United States.  Soros has also been one of the largest donors to the campaign to legalize abortion in the Republic of Ireland, one of the last holdouts in Europe of traditional Catholic values.

Soros has been accused by none other than Peru’s Cardinal Cipriani of imposing his own agenda in support of homosexuality and abortion by the coercive force of his donations to radical organizations within the staunchly Catholic South American nation.  Soros has funded efforts to legalize assisted suicide in the United States, his groups have directly attacked pro-family organizations like Mass Resistance, have funded the sex-trafficking ACORN organization, the radical activist organizations and the list goes on and on.

So why would this leading international advocate for a culture of death donate so much money to a GOP candidate who has been mathematically eliminated from the contest?  George Soros himself gives us part of the answer in an OpEd he recently penned in the leftist British publication, The Guardian, where he concluded his editorial with the following observation: “we must reaffirm our commitment to the principles of open society and resist the siren song of the likes of Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, however hard that may be.”

George Soros has already funded Hillary Clinton’s campaign to the tune of $8 million.  Could it be that by funding the campaign of Governor John Kasich, George Soros is attempting to help Hillary Clinton by sabotaging the GOP primary process?

Is this about splitting the Cruz/Kasich vote to help Trump win the nomination?  It’s pretty clear that Hillary and her advisors think that Donald Trump is the weakest candidate in the general election.

Is John Kasich much more liberal than he lets on? Perhaps this has nothing to do with helping Trump beat Cruz, maybe Soros thinks Kasich will win a contested convention.

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