Tea Party Flips from Being Non-Interventionists to Being War Hawks in One Year

Let no one be fooled, the might and strength of the U.S. military is one of the many factors that has allowed the United States to grow to become one of the proudest and freest societies of all time.

And yet too often the United States has engaged many military escapades that were ill-advised and non-essential.

That’s why when you see the┬ánew polls released by the Wall Street Journal and NBC you’ll be amazed to see the polarization in Tea Party attitudes toward military intervention in the middle east

When polled last year, those who consider themselves Tea Party faithful were overwhelmingly against any military intervention with Syria, at least according to the data given to the Wall Street Journal.

And now, merely a year later, the same polling organization says that Tea Party Republicans are those barking the loudest for the war hammer to be dropped on ISIS soldiers.

As The Wall Street Journal noted, “In September 2013, 64% of tea party supporters said they believed taking military action against ‘the Syrian government’ was not in the national interest. In this latest survey, 68% of tea party supporters said they believe talking military action against ‘ISIS in Iraq and Syria’ is in the national interest.

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As the WSJ observed, the desire for increased military action crosses party lines as most Americans (61%) are interested in the United States using its military might to crush Islamic state fighters.

But the biggest change noted is how sentiment has swung from “non-interventionist” to an eagerness to “wipe out” the scourge of ISIS in less than a year.

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The same article says that, “Among people who identify as Republican supporters of the tea party, the number saying military action against ISIS is in the national interest is even higher, at 75%.”

This means, at least according to the data collected, that the oft “libertarian” Tea Partiers have made a dramatic shift from where they stood just a few years ago regarding how they would handle foreign affairs and, in particular, foreign entanglements involving U.S. armed forces.

The big question is, how will Tea Party candidates position themselves to win votes? And how will Tea Party members vote at the polling booths?

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