He Insults America So John Kerry Will Give Him Money

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 3.58.04 PMThe Filipino president thinks that the best way to take America’s hard earned tax dollars is to insult America. He has discovered that if you insult America, then John Kerry will give you money. That must be why he called America’s ambassador to the Philippines a “son of a bitch” and even calls him “gay.” Apparently the Fillipino president thinks his insulting America for cash scam has worked before.

Check this out, from the Daily Caller:

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte mocked Secretary of State John Kerry during a speech Friday for giving the island country $32 million in aid and said all he needs to do to get more money out of the U.S. is keep the insults coming.

“After Kerry visited the Philippines, he left us $33 million,” Duterte told an audience at Camp Lapu Lapu. “I told myself, ‘this seems cool. Let’s take a swipe at them again so they will make amends with money.’”

Rodrigo Duterte is becoming a borderline dictator. He is rumored to have killed hundreds of drug dealers and has threatened to impose martial law. He is a true populist and this kind of rhetoric plays well with his supporters. If a poor country like the Philippines can make money simply by insulting the U.S., why not keep doing it?
Duterte is someone to watch carefully, he has little respect for the rule of law and could take the Philippines to a dangerous place.