This Deadbeat Welfare Leech Wanted a New BMW, So He Whipped Out His EBT Card – And Then THIS Happened

49277772_sThis winner took his EBT card down to a local car dealership to buy a new ride.   It turns out they don’t accept EBT cards for automobile purchases in Florida, DUH!  Undeterred, this welfare king came up with another genius plan to redistribute the automotive wealth the very next day.   Now he is in jail on a $20,000 bond.

The Blaze has the hilarious story:

One Florida man was arrested for allegedly attempting to steal a $60,000 BMW just one day after a car dealership refused his offer to buy it with food stamps.

Authorities said that Nicholas Jackson, 36, allegedly tried to buy the BMW on Wednesday with his Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) card, but was turned down by the auto dealership, according to the Daily Mail. But on Thursday night, the Pompano Beach dealership reported that it had been burglarized and that the BMW in question was missing.

The authorities stated that Jackson had no money in the bank to even fill the stolen BMW’s tank with gas, and thus ran out of gas at an intersection, where he was later discovered along with BMW and the 60 stolen car keys on Friday, according to the Daily Mail.

Ouch!  He didn’t even have gas money for his get-away and you can’t buy fuel with an EBT card.  He should have stolen a car that runs on bio-diesel then he could have fueled it with $60K in canola oil from Walmart.

With all this vehicular inequality it looks like Bernie Sanders still has a lot of work to do.  Can’t we share the wealth people?  Maybe if they raise the minimum wage in prison to $15 per hour for making license plates he can buy a BMW when he gets out next decade.  One thing is for sure, this small time welfare huckster just became a big time felon.