HELL FREEZES OVER – CNN Calls Progressive Leader “Anti-Science”

JillCaptureCNN is attacking a prominent progressive leader as “anti-science.” Why on earth is this happening? Did Rupert Murdoch take over CNN? Is hell freezing over?

Relax, CNN is just trying to help Hillary Clinton get elected. The powers that be over at the Clinton News Network are worried some progressives might vote for Jill Stein, so they are attacking her progressive agenda as anti-science.

In an article titled “Anti-science claims dog Green Party’s Jill Stein“, CNN ripped Stein on a variety of issues from vaccines to GMO’s in our food.

Here’s how the article starts off, from CNN:

Green Party presidential nominee Jill Stein has been waging an uphill battle for name recognition as she pursues her White House bid.

But as she emerges in the public eye — she is participating in a CNN-hosted town hall on Wednesday — so have some of the retired medical doctor’s past controversial comments on vaccines, her concerns about wireless Internet use being linked to poor health and her call for a moratorium on genetically modified organisms, or GMOs.
Emerging out of the mid-20th century environmental movement, the Green Party is at its foundation skeptical of establishment guidance and wary of corporate influence in all areas, including science. Stein, the face of the Green Party, has experienced significant backlash online as she has moved from her base within the Green Party to a national audience.
The critiques have been particularly cutting because she has railed against her mainstream opponents as anti-science and called for legal action against oil companies for disseminating information at odds with climate science.
Regardless of who is correct in this battle, lets just enjoy the fact that CNN is using the term “anti-science” to rip on the Green Party. Normally, liberals reserve the term “anti-science” to describe people who don’t want their daughters getting naked with bearded men in public changing rooms or people who oppose corporate welfare for the solar power industry. In an election year, anyone who is a threat to Hillary is “anti-science.”