Hey Bernie Sanders, Guess The New Minimum Wage In Venezuela?

Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 2.44.24 PMGovernment corruption and price controls destroy economies more than anything else.

Despite having large social welfare states and big government, nations like Denmark maintain relatively high standards of living while countries like Venezuela descend into squalor and chaos. Both countries are full of progressives but there are critical distinctions between them. In Denmark the populace generally does not tolerate demagoguery or corruption. Danish voters think that maintaining the “rule of law” is of utmost importance, even if that means voting against their own personal interest.

Furthermore, government price controls and market manipulation have been rejected by Scandinavian economists. The minimum wage in Denmark, Sweden, and Norway is $0 per hour, that’s because economists agree that while government wage controls may benefit a few individuals it’s overall societal effect is negative. According to the Economic Freedom Index many Scandinavian governments manipulate their free markets less then even America does. They may have large welfare states but the Scandinavians DON’T MESS WITH THE FREE MARKET.

In Venezuela it’s a different story. The Government is corrupt because the progressive voters DEMAND it to be corrupt. Venezuelan social justice warriors demand that the government act like Robin Hood, you see, voting for theft and corruption is perfectly acceptable if it’s in YOUR interest. Rule of law be damned, government officials are free to extort and even nationalize businesses as long as they share the spoils with their supporters. The Venezuelan populace is splintered into special interest groups all demanding that the government bully, steal, and cheat everyone else for their individual benefit.

Venezuelan style socialists (like Bernie Sanders) also don’t understand that government price controls don’t work.  In Venezuela people don’t care about the overall societal effect of such reckless policies, they demand the government force their boss to pay them more and demand that the government force the land lord to charge less. Heck, Venezuela even tries to control the prices of goods at retail stores. They also forced their national bank to print money for the “people” instead of the 1%.

All of this is right up Bernie’s alley. As a young socialist he was all about the government confiscating private businesses just like in Venezuela. Supposedly Bernie doesn’t support outright nationalization of businesses anymore, mere extortion is as far as he can go publicly. Of course, he is still a strong supporter of government price controls, he helped enact rent control in addition to his true love, the minimum wage. So as Venezuela celebrates yet another increase in their minimum wage let the berners celebrate the success of their economic theories!

READ IT AND WEEP, from Forbes:

It is time to congratulate President Maduro and his team in Venezuela once again. That startling success of Bolivarian socialism has meant that they are able to bring aid and succour to the poor of that country. Something to be welcomed of course and they have done this by being able to raise the minimum wage to $13.50. However, there is one small fly in this ointment, which is that this is not the hourly minimum wage. It is not even the daily minimum wage. This is, instead, a rise to $13.50 in the monthly minimum wage when we use the black market exchange rate which determines much to most of the consumption possibilities of the average Venezuelan.

WOW $13.50 a MONTH, democratic socialism really does work!