Hillary Clinton Hasn’t Done This ONCE All Year (Even Liberal Media Is Upset)

Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 8.14.02 PMEven liberals in the media are starting to get upset due to the fact that Hillary Clinton is stone walling them. In order to avoid answering unscripted questions Hillary hasn’t held a single press conference all year and she’s uhhm running for president. By contrast Donald Trump has held 4 formal press conferences this year and endless informal conferences after many of his speeches.

From The Washington Times:

Mrs. Clinton held a pseudo press conference in August to discuss the controversy around her private email server, but the event went poorly.

The former secretary of state made a crack about wiping her email server clean “with a cloth or something,” boosting the notion that she wasn’t taking the scandal seriously.

She has apologized repeatedly for using her own email account, though she insists she broke no laws and did not endanger national security.

She held a formal press conference in New Hampshire in September and answered questions from reporters in Iowa in December. The Iowa event generally is considered to be her last press conference, though that, too, can be called into question because it was more of an unannounced question-and-answer session with a handful of reporters rather than a full press conference.

She went 87 days without answering any off-the-cuff questions before her brief March 1 press availability at a Minnesota cafe.

Since then, her media appearances have been only TV sessions with individual journalists, including a Tuesday interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper, who asked whether she would hold a press conference soon.

“I’m sure we will,” Mrs. Clinton said. “Look, I was shocked myself that I’ve done nearly 300 interviews. … I believe that we do and we should answer questions. Of course, I’m going to [answer questions] in many, many different kinds of settings.”

Voters get to choose between a candidate who only gives scripted answers to scripted questions and another candidate who refuses to memorize a script, literally polar opposites.

The Washington Times also calls Hillary out on being so opaque:

Hillary Clinton is 0-for-2016, having failed to hold any full press conferences this year — fueling the perception that she is the most guarded major candidate in recent political history, in stark contrast with presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

The most guarded candidate in recent history, you can say that again!