Hillary’s Email Scandal Ain’t Over Yet!

Just because Hillary Clinton didn’t go to jail over her email scandal doesn’t mean it’s behind her. A new poll shows that even Democratic insiders are seriously disturbed over James Comey’s revelations, despite the lack of charges. Hillary Clinton blatantly lied to the American public.  It’s one of the biggest political scandals of the 21st century regardless of whether or not she goes to jail. Look at the numbers below and keep in mind that these are political insiders responding to the poll.

These are the new poll results from Politico:

That’s according to the POLITICO Caucus — a panel of activists, strategists and operatives in 10 key battleground states. Just under a quarter (24 percent) of Democrats said FBI Director James Comey’s statements this week would help Clinton’s campaign because she avoided criminal charges.

Slightly more Democratic insiders (26 percent) said Comey’s stern rebuke — in which he called Clinton “extremely careless” for using a non-secure platform for her email, which included some classified material — would hurt Clinton’s campaign. Half of Democratic insiders said it would have no impact.

Republicans were far more likely to see Comey’s statement as bad news for the Clinton campaign. About two-thirds (66 percent) said it would hurt Clinton’s campaign, compared to 16 percent who thought it would help, and 18 percent who said it would have no impact.

A number of Democrats said the results of the investigation — disclosed by the FBI in a rare public statement Tuesday — reinforces voters’ feelings that she isn’t honest and trustworthy. Just 30 percent of registered voters in a Fox News poll last week said the words “honest and trustworthy” describe Clinton, compared to the nearly two-thirds who said they didn’t describe her.

So only a quarter of Democrat insiders think that the events of the Comey FBI press conference help Hillary!

Even if Donald Trump walks out onto fifth avenue and shoots himself in the foot he still has a shot of winning. In the metaphoric sense Trump has been shooting himself in the foot all month long with various gaffes and plummeting poll numbers, his only real hope is that Hillary self destructs and the blatant lies she told about her emails could help her do just that.

If you haven’t seen just how outrageous Hilary’s email lies are check out this video below from Reason.com exposing them: