How Does The UK View Trump?

Alastair Campbell, the former head of communications for former Prime Minister Tony Blair, recently sat down with CNBC where he expressed that President Trump’s soon to be visit to the U.K. will be impossible to “overestimate” how despised Trump is there.

Campbell stated, “I don’t think anybody can possibly overestimate just how despised he is. I mean, he really is. I know he’ll probably think because of his Scottish heritage and the rest of it — I mean, I don’t think I’ve ever known — and he might think it’s unfair because we’ve had Chinese leaders, we’ve had Putin, and you haven’t had necessarily the level of protests. But I think people feel that America is a special country and, therefore, the leadership in America should be something that British people can look up to and respect. I’m afraid that there is very, very little respect for him.”

“I suspect that you will find the protests will be big. People will not want him to feel welcome at all. I think that goes — I think that goes very, very far across the board.”

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  1. No surprise. He has no manners whatsoever. Even as British social protocols have evolved over the decades (from my grandmother’s extremely rigid rules, particularly for females), his behavior is so far removed from acceptable polite society I’m not at all surprised about demonstrations. How long must we cringe every time he opens his mouth? Lest you think I’m liberal, I’m not anymore; I agree with some of his immigrations positions after working with migrants for years. However, he’s wiped out the reasonable parts of those approaches with shameful behavior and lack of any semblance of social skills. Yikes.

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