How The GOP Has United

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) recently said that Brett Kavanaugh confirmation debate and the migrant caravan which is headed to the border has united to GOP for the upcoming midterm elections.

“All the Kavanaugh and the caravan — I mean, if you’re Republican and you’re not excited about voting, you’re legally dead,” Graham stated. “Kavanaugh was an assault on everything we hold near and dear. Why is it always our judges? This has been a nightmare for red-state Trump Democrats between the Kavanaugh debacle, despicable character assassination and a caravan trying to overrun our borders. This has been a nightmare for red0state Democrats, and it has unified Republicans, again, whether you are a Bush Republican, Trump Republican, vegetarian Republican, you were upset about what they were doing to Brett Kavanaugh. They tried to destroy this man’s life to hold open the seat so they could fill it. They do not recognize President Trump won the election and he chose a qualified person. And it is resonating all over this country. It has united Republicans, and it has put Democrats on the defensive.”