How To Save Trump Presidency

Talk-radio host Michael Savage, whom Donald Trump has credited as a key to winning the White House, dedicated his show Wednesday to asking listeners for their input on how to save an infant presidency in crisis.

“Right now, truthfully, the administration is in trouble. It’s not because they did anything wrong; it’s because of the appearance that the radical left has created,” Savage said.

“The mad, mad bees of the left are swarming and stinging.”

Savage said Trump should begin with curbing his use of social media and his reliance on family members for advice.

“Number one, stop the impulsive tweeting. It’s unnecessary, it doesn’t help. You can make mistakes when you tweet,” Savage said, pointing to tweets about the firing of FBI Director James Comey Tuesday as an example.

“I think he should calm down. I think he should withdraw from the picture for awhile. I think he should let all the president’s men stand up there and take the heat,” he continued.

“I think he should get out of the spotlight for a while.”

Savage added that the more Trump “gets defensive, the worse it looks.”

Callers to “The Savage Nation” who support Trump lamented that the president has surrounded himself with “elitists,” and one caller urged him to put “the deplorables back into the fight.”

Didn’t vote for ‘liberal Manhattan views’

The talk host, who last week launched a petition drive asking Trump to demand that Britain remove him from its travel ban, explained that he’s not “an apologist for Trump.”

“I’m here as a defender of the agenda that Trump has been trying to enact.”

He noted Trump is no longer a powerful business titan.

“He is no longer running a family business. He can no longer run the country like the business that he’s run,” Savage said.

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