Huckabee’s Response To Billy Graham’s Death

Former Gov. Mike Huckabee (R-AR) responded to the news of Christian evangelist Billy Graham’s death.

Huckabee stated news of Graham’s “death” was “fake news” being that his life reaches beyond this earthly one.

“When I heard this morning that Billy Graham had died, I said, ‘That’s fake news. Billy Graham’s not dead. He’s more alive right now than he’s ever been,’” Huckabee stated.

“And the fact is, that’s what he preached — is that there is life beyond this one because of Jesus Christ. His message never wavered from that. If somehow Billy Graham did not inherit eternal life, and if he’s not alive right now in a life that will never end, then he stood for, everything he said is null and void. I don’t believe that’s so.”