Hungarian prime minister demands EU ’round up migrants and put them on an island’

Hungary’s prime minister has called for the EU to “round up” illegal immigrants and deport them to guarded camps  “on an island or North Africa.”

The comments are likely to further inflame tensions with other EU governments who say Budapest’s ultra-hard line on migration flouts both international law and fundamental European values.

Viktor Orban made the comments as he lashed out at Angela Merkel’s refugee policy, saying it was unfair for Berlin to try to distribute migrants across EU member states.

“This could be an island, it could be a coastal area in North Africa, but the security and supplies of that area must be guaranteed by the EU in its own interest,” Mr Orban told  Origo, a Hungarian news website, in an interview published on Thursday.

“Those who came illegally must be rounded up and shipped out,” he said.


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